While the world is looking for sustainable living solutions ranging from eco-friendly homes, home-décor, clothing to food and immunity products, our country has a lot to offer. The first thing that we realized during our journey was the abundance of the exotic, handmade and natural products like a pashmina shawl from Kashmir or a tankha painting from Kalimpong which are also environment friendly and have a low carbon footprint. The second thing that we realized that was the primary producers of all these traditional handcrafted products i.e. the artisans were the least benefited and many among them across the country were not able to sustain themselves. Some of them had to even leave their traditional family art and move to cities to earn a living which is leading to the slow and subsequent death of the traditional art forms. The third thing that we realized was that this industry is fragmented, segmented, and without any permanent source of income. 

These  observations and realizations inspired our Founder  to leave her professional career of serving the country as an Indian Army Officer (Major) voluntarily  and to take up the cause of preserving and promoting the rich heritage of India by creating a viable business model around it, which not only benefits the artisans economically but upskills them with latest in technology. Heritagekart has the proficient IIT Mumbai alumni on board to assist in making the artisans digitally literate. Women Empowerment is at the core of our business as 80 percent of the traditional handicraft artisans are the women of this country.

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