( Support the sustainable development of locally owned artisan businesses)


HERITAGEKART aids Indian artisans in not only selling their products

But to turn the artisans into businesses or brands.

We have established a dedicated NGO  with a mission to develop a new approach to design education based on existing traditions.

The core concept is that tradition is more than a technique; it comprises of concept and knowledge. Our NGO works within traditions, by understanding and drawing from their salient features. The focus of education is on acquiring knowledge and skills that enable artisans to use design effectively in their work, to successfully reach new markets, while at the same time strengthening traditional identity.

Artisan entrepreneurs around the world struggle to sustain themselves as small businesses and provide steady income to artisan producers. Many artisan businesses participate in the informal economy and have no access to formal business training. In collaboration with key partners, (HERITAGEKART NGO) has developed tailored, collaborative resources to support artisan businesses. Resources include the Artisan Innovation Workshop assessment tool and the tailored Record Keeping workshop for artisan businesses, available in English and vernacular languages.

  1. The Artisan Innovation Workshop

The Artisan Innovation Workshop is a collaborative series of activities to strengthen artisan businesses and help them reach their immense potential for growth in the global economy. Designed in partnership with the(  ————), this workshop offers artisan businesses and artisan support organizations an opportunity to spend a day mapping the artisan value chain and examining issues and opportunities for their organizations.

This workshop is not just for artisans. It is for anyone seeking to strengthen artisan businesses, better understand issues impacting the artisan sector, or in search of new ways to improve livelihoods for artisans and their communities. The workshop uses human-centered design principles recommended in UNESCO’s 2013 Creative Economy Report, including empathy building, story sharing, and co-creation techniques, to inspire collaboration and innovation across the artisan value chain.







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