Networking Platform under one Roof

( Networking platform for organizations around the world working towards the empowerment of artisans, artisan businesses, social enterprises, NGOs and government agencies )

Heritagekart Artvents

Each year, Heritagekart hosts key events to change the conversation about the artisan sector. Our annual conference showcase diverse art and allow artisan business owners, corporate leaders, policymakers, and consumers to join the conversation and elevate the global importance of artisan enterprises. Together, we can enact a sector-wide change, achieving what no business can do alone.


Heritagekart Community

Heritagekart community platform provides a one-stop networking platform for artisans, service providers, and traders to connect with their customers. The platform is built with an aim to connect and collaborate with buyers and sellers from all over the world to promote their products and services.

To promote the work of local artisans globally, the platform allows artisans to showcase their skills, manage the gallery, and to carry out individual projects. Visitors can connect with various artisans, service providers, and traders regardless of geographical boundaries.

A financially viable business model is offered with no middleman involved, no brokerage, no add-on costs, and free accounts for users & a low annual subscription for the Artisans.

Here are some notable features of the HERITAGEKART community platform :

  • Register & Login users for Artisans or End Users or Corporate Users
  • For Artisans
    • Set up showroom
    • Set up online shop
    • SEO/SMS/Bandwidth subscriptions
    • Register certification details
    • Record Testimonials
  • End Users
    • Find Artisans or service providers
    • Rate the services & products
    • Suggestions & feedbacks
    • Register complaints
  • Corporate users
    • Book Advertisements
    • based on multiple criteria
    • View order details
  • Admin users
    • Set up metadata
    • Close complaints
    • De-activate / re-activate user accounts with ID verification
    • View user profiles

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